Kafe Balos Free Range Civet Coffee 453g

Comes from a plantation located in the SOCKSARGEN region, Philippines on a protected mountain preserve.


Kafe Balos Free Range Civet Coffee 100g

Made from high-altitude regions in the southern part of the Philippines, are considered to be the robust and flavorsome.

Since 2016

Who We Are

We have the passion both for business and for nurturing nature.

Kafe Balos believes in providing sustainable income to the farmers and workers which is why we practice fair trade and pay the farmers well beyond what brokers pay. In addition to that we also provide clothing, supplies, and basic necessities.

To date we have been able to build a small school for the local community children grades 1-3, established 1 fresh water supply that runs from a mountain spring, as well as educated the tribes and farmers on how to make their own concrete bricks for a stronger and more durable home.


Why Buy From Us?

Our coffee beans are 100% ORGANIC and WILD civet coffee beans. We do not keep the civets in cages, they roam free so they can eat the coffee cherries THEY choose. This is yet one more quality that sets Kafe Balos on a higher level than most of our competitors. Greentropics Coffee is grown on over 400 hectares (988 acres) high above sea level on Mt. Matutum in the SOCKSARGEN region of the Philippines. This location because of it’s sandy volcanic soil, beautiful climate, and high altitude allows for a coffee product that is one of the highest in quality around the nation and around the world.