Adrian Blanco‎

Kafe Balos was tremendous and purely delicious. I gave it to friends and they agreed it was superb quality!

Sjane Ras

This is everything you expect from a civet coffee espresso - dark, strong and a punch to the throat. I LOVE Kafe Balos Project Civet Coffee! The flavor has changed for the better and the packaging is excellent. Thumbs up to this project!

John Rab

Coffee from the best mounting region in the world comes at a reasonable price. But for those seeking the best of coffee, it’s deep and varied texture won't disappoint. Kafe Balos Civet Coffee is super strong, rich as you like and with a deep finish that seems to go on and on.

Garrett Oden

Kafe Balos is an ethical source for the world's rarest form of coffee. The Kopi Luwak I received had tasting notes of cocoa and flowers. The mild acidity was accompanied by a unique note of rhubarb, catching my attention unlike any other coffee. A gentle floral aftertaste finished the flavor experience. If you're interested in trying the world renowned Kopi Luwak coffee, try it from the Kafe Balos Project!

Turaf Zairan

A new experience of unique taste.....loved it..which is also be found hygenic...I really lyk it

Daniel John Argones

Serves only the best roasted coffee, all organic and fresh from sources