Frequently Asked Questions

1Is Kafe Balos real civet coffee produced naturally by the Asian Palm Civet?
Yes our coffee is 100% authentic civet coffee. The name “Balos” comes from the B’laan tribe here in the Philippines, “Civet” in their dialect is translated “Balos”. Unless specified on the label as a “blend” we do not mix our civet beans with single origin beans like some of our competitors and sell them as “pure civet coffee”. We practice honest and integral business.
2Are the civets wild (free-range) or are they caged?
All of our civets roam free along the mountainside however many areas in Indonesia, Vietman, and even our competitors in the Philippines have begun to cage their civet cats out of greed. Some farmers noticed how much money could be made with this exotic coffee so they decided to cage the civets and hand feed them allowing the farmers to work less and produce more beans BUT little did they know that this also lowers the quality and taste of the coffee as well as puts a lot of Filipino’s out of work. Kafe Balos Project believes it is in-humane and unethical.
3What is so special about the SOCKSARGEN region?
The SOCKSARGEN region of the Philippines in southern Mindanao is where over 64% of all the nations coffee is grown due to its ideal climate and terrain unlike that of coffee grown in areas like Luzon and Northern Philippines. This is also why Davao and Southern Mindanao are known for their fruit, bottom line it grows better here.
4Do you practice fair trade?
Yes, we practice fair trade, which means we don’t cheat the farmers/workers and we are very proud of this, in fact this is a driving factor of our long term vision. We also have a group that is stationed on the mountain that is teaching the local farmers how to grow their own crops (aside from coffee) as well as build houses, and educate their youth. So far we have built one small school for the students between the ages of 6-12 that live there in the tribe. We also provide the students with school materials (paper, pencils, books, crayons, etc). So this coffee LITERALLY gives back to the Filipino people.
5Why is Kafe Balos priced slightly higher than other suppliers?
We believe in QUALITY, not quantity and we take pride in knowing our coffee is of the highest quality because our civet cats are free range and can select only the reddest and sweetest coffee.
6Is your coffee organic?
Yes, all of our coffee is 100% organic.
7Do you ship outside of the Philippines?
Yes, we currently ship worldwide so you can enjoy the quality taste of Kape Balos anywhere in the world.
8How long does the delivery time take?
Please contact us for delivery schedules outside the country as it will vary depending on destination.