Kafe Balos Free Range Civet Coffee 100g
April 11, 2016
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Kafe Balos Free Range Civet Coffee 453g

$189.00 $159.00

The high price of this best civet coffee in is due to the unique and labor-intensive process of making the best seller civet coffee .


Kopi Luwak / Civet Coffee / Alamid Coffee is manufactured in different places such as Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam. Kafe Balos ProjectCivet Coffee comes from a plantation located in the SOCKSARGEN region, Philippines on a protected mountain preserve. In addition to that, all our coffee is 100% organic.

There are two types of civet coffee – wild and farmed. The former is superior and original whereas the latter is said to be inferior in taste and quality. Kafe Balos ProjectCivet Coffee is 100% Organic and Wild.

Weight .453 lbs

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